Company Overview

EdisBiotech, a company leading precision medicine through biomarker-based therapeutic antibody development

Global company developing antibody-based pharmaceuticals


  • Clinically applicable drug development
  • Distinctive R&D capabilities
  • Highly experienced key members
  • Strong collaboration with industry-academia-hospitals
  • Solid partnership
항체치료제 기반 글로벌 신약개발 기업, 에디스바이오텍


  • Efficient drug development through CTA platform
  • Securing key biomarkers and novel drug target candidates for gastrointestinal cancers
  • Excellence rating in the NICE Technical Appraisal
  • Therapeutic antibody development for GI cancers
  • Selected as a ‘Baby Unicorn Company’

Breakthrough Solutions for Cancer Diseases

  • Tech

    Technology to acquire patient-derived biomarkers

  • R&D

    Biomarker-based drug development

  • Pipeline

    Innovative drugs overcome the limitations of on-market treatments

  • Capability

    Strategic Development Capabilities with Solid Infrastructure

  • Global

    Global network