Biomarker-based Pipelines


Colorectal cancer

  • Cancer with high metastatic potential
  • Drug penetration challenges
  • Biomarker : Difficulty in targeted therapy
  • Immunotherapy : Limited efficacy
  • Unmet needs

    • High prevalence and metastasis rate
    • Limitation of current therapies
    • Drug development based on novel biomarker
  • Mode of Action

    • ED1 secreted from colorectal cancer cells binds to Laminin332 in tumor microenvironment, resulting in increased cancer cell survival, growth, migration, and invasion.
    • ED1 neutralizing antibody poses anti-tumorigenic and anti-metastatic efficacy by preventing ED1-Laminin332 interaction.
  • Core competitiveness

    • Target feasibility confirmed in animal models and human specimen
    • ED1 diagnostic tools applicable to human have been established
    • ED1 antibody is under pre-clinical development stage

Development status

Efficacy study with ED1 antibody candidates