Precision medicine utilizing biomarkers

Leading personalized treatment with biomarker-based antibody therapeutics

Personalized treatment for selected patients with cancer target

  • To overcome the limitations of existing anticancer drugs, the company is developing biomarker-based personalized medicines. These are drugs targeting specific markers within the 'cancer microenvironment' for colorectal cancer, and it has been confirmed that these are expressed in most colorectal cancer tissues.
  • In the future, the company plans to continue to discover new targets derived from the tissues and clinical information of various patients with solid cancer, and to establish a drug development strategy necessary for specific patients.

Current Medicine Standardized threrapy

Current Medicine Standardized threrapyurrent Medicine Standardized threrapy

Future Medicine Personalized therapy

Future Medicine Personalized therapyFuture Medicine Personalized therapy

Personalized New Drugs based on Biomarkers

  • Personalized treatment by biomarkers

    Select anti-cancer drugs according to biomark- ers regardless of the primary cancer type

    Prediction of treatment response by biomarker diagnosis

  • Targeted Therapy by various mechanism

    Suppression of cancer growth and metastasis through regulation of cancer and tumor microenvironment
    Overcoming the Limitations of Conventional Anticancer Drugs

    Control the interaction between cancer and the microenvironment

  • Combination therapy inducing immune response

    Regulation of immunosuppression in tumor microenvironment
    Increases the efficiency of immunotherapy

    Combination therapy

Biomarkers and new drug targets developed during the medical device development stage Extending to Antibody Therapeutics

의료기기 개발을 통해 바이오마커 및 신약 기반기술 개발의료기기 개발을 통해 바이오마커 및 신약 기반기술 개발

Discovery of cancer- specific biomarkers

  • Imaging and quantification of in vivo molecular targets
  • Early diagnosis of precancerous lesions
  • Identification of tumor histopathology
  • Prediction of chemotherapeutic response in cancer
암 특이적 바이오마커 발굴 – 단백질암 특이적 바이오마커 발굴 – 단백질